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Vets Plus, Inc. Receives Two Awards at the 2018 National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) Annual Conference


Vets-Plus, Inc., a leading manufacturer of animal health and nutritional products located in Menomonie, WI, received two of the National Animal Supplements Council’s (NASC) most prestigious awards at the Council’s annual conference in Phoenix, AZ.  The NASC provides its highly coveted Quality Seal to nutritional supplement manufacturers who demonstrate their products, labels and marketing materials meet the Council’s rigorous standards for ingredient and manufacturing quality.

For the sixth consecutive year Vets Plus was awarded the NASC Visibility Award given to companies demonstrating “outstanding commitment” to the NASC Quality Seal and providing “exemplary support of the mission of the organization.”

In addition, Vets Plus received NASC’s MVP Supplier Award, recognizing suppliers that have provided “the highest overall benefit to NASC members during the year.” Performance measurements include delivery of excellence in products and services, continuing education to the industry and support and service to individual customer companies.  Vets Plus has been recognized by NASC as a “preferred supplier” since 2014.

Dr. Anita Sinha, PhD, Vice President of Quality and Regulatory for Vets Plus acknowledged the awards, “The quality of the products and services we provide reflects our commitment to quality processes from raw material acquisition through to final manufacturing.  It’s not just one person checking at the end.” she said.

According to Raj Lall, Vets Plus’ founder and owner, “Quality can’t be added to products.  Quality is a culture that starts with innovative R&D, identifying the best ingredients and attention to detail throughout the entire manufacturing process.  Quality is the primary focus of each Vets Plus employee, regardless of where he or she is in the process.  We are all very grateful to be recognized by the NASC for our commitment to the Council’s very high standards.”

About Vets Plus, Inc.

Vets Plus, Inc. (VPI), located in Menomonie, Wisconsin, is a leading manufacturer of animal health and nutrition supplements for livestock and companion animals.  Founded in 1990, VPI creates custom formulations for manufacturing innovative probiotics, nutritional supplements and pet treats in a wide variety of product formats.  The company employs approximately 230 people, among them eleven PhDs, two of which are also DVMs.  VPI is committed to quality and maintains SQF Level 3 certification, NASC membership and AAFCO compliance.

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