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Stable and Palatable Ingredient Delivery


Mousse supplements are a convenient solution and appealing delivery method for pets who are selective about their diet. Formulated with a scientific oil-based blend, these supplements are built to maintain the stability of active ingredients and prevent ingredient separation. The easy digestibility of mousse ensures efficient absorption of essential nutrients and offers a simple and effective way to support pet’s health and nutritional needs. 

This versatile supplement is offered in multiple packaging formats. Pre-measured dosing sachets guarantee precise and hassle-free administration while squeeze tubes allow for larger volume and dynamic dosing. Mousse supplements offer a simple and effective way to support pets’ health and nutritional needs.

Highly palatable delivery method for finicky eaters

Oil-based formula to ensure the stability of active ingredients

Natural emulsion mixture prevents ingredient separation

Readily digestible, ensures active ingredients are absorbed efficiently

Available in premeasured dosing sachets to ensure an efficacious dose

Packaging Formats

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