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Soft Chews

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Soft Chews

Soft Chews feature a malleable, easy-to-chew texture, making administration stress-free. They can be formulated from a variety of nutraceutical ingredients and a variety of sizes, including pill pockets which further simplify supplement administration.

Functional supplement soft chews for pets. Consistent and palatable formulations with a broad selection of shapes and sizes to meet specific product requirements and market preferences.  We utilize a proprietary process called Stable Chew® that ensures our soft chews retain their texture and flavor.

Maintains integrity of temperature-sensitive ingredients

Low moisture formulation improves stability

Capability to extrude soft chews in a wide range of desired shapes & sizes

Ensures highly palatable* soft chews

*Palatability tests are conducted during product development

Leads to better compliance & health outcomes

Chew Variation Examples

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