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Sourcing and utilizing natural, quality ingredients.

We have the expertise to guide you through ingredient selection, availability, palatability, and costs.

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Functional Ingredients

Leading with Ingredient Expertise

Functional ingredients are sourced in the USA and from known international providers. We document, check, test, and verify each ingredient before it’s accepted for use in product development or commercial batches.

We conduct extensive research such as verifying raw material documentation and purity before we incorporate these ingredients into our formulations. These ingredients can then be integrated into a diverse line of product presentations such as soft chews, dental sticks, chewables, tablets, boluses, powders, gels, oral and topical liquids, and injection molded chews.


Ensuring Quality Components

Vets Plus has an established worldwide network with long-term relationships of known and verified sources for materials and technologies.  Our Procurement Team endeavors to provide quality components from suppliers mindful of sustainability needs.  We have the ability and contacts to source Ingredients and packaging components to meet various customer needs.

pile of soft chew supplements

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